Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy is in the news. As is the case with so many treatments, science is catching up to anecdotal evidence of healing. Could this therapeutic intervention be the answer to your struggle with osteoarthritis, chronic joint pain, and back problems?

Stem Cell Therapy Works

Case in point is the recent report from WebMD. While the medical establishment, in general, is careful not to sound too enthusiastic about stem cell therapy, they do acknowledge that the treatments “appear to be safe in orthopedic applications.”

A good example that the publication cites involves an active, middle-aged man who experienced the pain that comes from typical wear and tear of the joints. For doctors, the go-to solution was surgery. However, the patient didn’t want to start treatment with the most invasive option. Therefore, he opted for stem cell injections.

These injections didn’t work overnight. Rather, it took about two months after the first injection for the pain to stop. This procedure ended six years of varying types and severity of pain. The patient decided to repeat the treatments over three years. He reports that he’s back to an active lifestyle that includes skiing as well as competitive cycling.

Shying Away from Surgery

For many patients, surgery is not a good option. They don’t want the downtime and subsequent need for physical therapy. Besides that, they fear the side effects of anesthesia and the infection risk. In contrast, stem cell therapy doesn’t present any of these risks. In fact, you can undergo treatment during your lunch hour and be back at work right afterward. 

How Stem Cell Therapy Helps Patients

Your body already contains stem cells. They’re in your fat tissues, in the bone marrow, and in the blood. Even your joints contain stem cells. However, you’re dealing with rapidly spreading damage that goes beyond the regular set of stem cells’ ability to make repairs that are necessary for you to be free from pain.

Stem cells don’t have a determination. This means that they can become the tissue your body needs. They also take the places of dead cells. In the knee joint, for example, these stem cells could become cartilage. They might form connective tissues.

The way stem cell therapy works is actually rather simple and straightforward. A doctor removes some of your stem cells from the body. This is done like a blood draw. The purified stem cells are then injected into your body’s problem area. There, they create an anti-inflammatory condition that the body rushes to heal.

For the patient, this level of healing can prevent the necessity of surgery. Some combine surgery with stem cell therapy. Since the stem cells that the doctor works with are coming from your body, there’s no risk of rejection and allergic reactions. Similarly, the process is minimally invasive. It involves a blood draw and an injection. There’s no need for anesthesia.


Will the Stem Cell Injection Work for You?

To find out if you’re a good candidate for stem cell injections, talk to a board-certified doctor at our clinic. Each patient’s different. Therefore, each individual has a different reaction to the treatment. For example, some see pain relief very quickly, while for others it may take a couple of months.

In the same way, some need to repeat the treatment down the line while others don’t. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out whether you’re a good candidate.


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