Sexual Dysfunction

PRP for Sexual Dysfunction

PRP or platelet-rich plasma treatment is an autologous treatment that may help individuals overcome the symptoms and frustration of sexual dysfunctions. With platelet-rich plasma therapy, there is little to no risk of rejection, reaction, or side-effects as the healing platelets and growth factors needed for this process come from the patient’s own body. This treatment makes it easier for the patient to restore sexual health and have a fuller and more satisfying sexual life.

More About Men PRP Shots

PRP injections or PRP Shots for him, provide long-lasting relief from the signs of erectile dysfunction. As a natural way of helping to resolve issues with sexual pleasure and performance, PRP has virtually no reaction or side-effects. PRP is a short and straightforward treatment that takes around 20 minutes during an office visit. The provider numbs the genitals with local anesthesia before starting the treatment. Then, the provider injects PRP into the targeted area in order to see results. Unlike other sexual medications that work for a few hours, the effects of PRP treatment can last for one year or more.

Some other effects of PRP therapy may result in increased sexual desire and arousal, improved sensitivity in the penis, and enhanced sexual pleasure. It also provides men with fuller, stronger, longer, and harder erections. Some men have reported frequent and more prolonged orgasms after PRP treatment.

More About Women O-Shots

PRP injections for women, also called o-shots, this treatment may help women overcome the common issues such as libido loss and urinary incontinence. Women may experience vaginal dryness due to a drop in their hormone levels. PRP treatment enhances natural lubrication and lowers pain while having sex. This therapy also improves sexual desire and arousal, leading to frequent and stronger orgasms.

Benefits of PRP for Sexual Dysfunction

Platelet-rich plasma is the best way to improve the symptoms of sexual dysfunction in men and women, for a more satisfying sexual life. This treatment doesn’t work like other sexual dysfunction medications and offers longer lasting results by helping to resolve the actual cause of the sexual disorder. The growth factors of PRP boost blood circulation to the genitals and throughout the body, promoting the healing process. PRP is a simple procedure that starts working immediately after PRP injection are administered into the affected areas. Patients may experience immediate results of the treatment shortly after leaving the clinic. The procedure is non-surgical and doesn’t require downtime or the avoiding activities after going through this therapy. 

Furthermore, at Health Clinics for Vibrant Living, our medical providers combine PRP treatment with Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) or shockwave treatment to deliver enhanced results. For detailed information about PRP shots and O-shots, call us today. We offer new patient consultations for those who want to overcome sexual dysfunction disorder. Contact us to schedule and appointment and meet one of our specialists to enjoy the benefits of PRP treatment.

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