PRP for Aesthetics

PRP or platelet-rich plasma is a preparation of the growth factors and platelets from human plasma. Many medical providers use this preparation in different dental and medical specialties to boost tissue regeneration and the healing process in the body. There is evidence, which supports the use these growth factors and platelets to help treat joint inflammation, wounds, and fractures.

Research has also demonstrated that PRP may be useful in treating aesthetic conditions, such as healing stretch marks (striae distensae), acne scars, and hair loss (alopecia). If you are experiencing any of these symptoms or other aesthetic issues, PRP for aesthetics may benefit you.

How Does Platelet-Rich Plasma Work?

To prepare PRP, the provider extracts a small blood sample from the patient’s arm which is then sent to the lab for testing. In the lab, the blood is added to the centrifuge tube for spinning. After spinning, this blood appears in separate layers – one is plasma and second is a platelet layer. This preparation is then used in the treatment for several conditions. These PRP therapies are injected into the affected areas, including sunken parts of cheeks or acne scars on the face. The procedure is short and can be completed during a single office visit, without interfering with regular activities.

Aesthetic Conditions treated with Platelet-Rich Plasma

PRP is a promising treatment in aesthetic and dermatology medicine. Platelet-rich plasma is used for medical conditions such as neck and facial rejuvenation, wrinkles and fine lines, facial scarring, and abdominal striae. PRP treatment also works fantastic when it comes to improving skin scars caused by chickenpox, acne, and other injuries. These PRP injections allow the body to generate new, healthy skin cells and more collagen. The medical providers use PRP to help patients get smooth, soft, clear, and flawless skin.

Individuals struggling with sagging skin may also benefit from PRP treatment. Those with thinning hair can undergo this procedure to restore the health of hair follicles resulting in healthy hair.

Benefits of PRP for Facial Rejuvenation

PRP is an effective autologous biological therapy used to help treat several aesthetic conditions. There is little to no risk of rejection or reaction to this treatment, as the PRP used comes from the patient’s body. The therapy has shown to be an efficient and safe cosmetic intervention. PRP is a simple, virtually painless, and fast treatment, which plays a fantastic role in repairing skin and hair.

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