Exosomes are extracellular vesicles discovered over 30 years ago, and its use is to modulate the actions of cells. Most of these come from the immune system and blood cells of the body. They perform various functions such as distributing proteins, carrying messages, RNA and DNA from one cell to another. Scientists are researching various ways to use these injections to help treat a wide range of conditions, ensuring that there will be no or minimal side-effects.

How does it work?

The process of collecting exosomes is simple, a blood sample is collected from the arm and then taken into the lab where it is put into a centrifuge. The parts of blood then separate into different layers. The isolation process of exosomes only takes a short time. The blood cells and plasma now man be returned to the patient’s body. 

Different conditions helped by Exosomes Therapy

Exomes deliver the growth and repair factors and fuse with the cellular membrane when it reaches an accepting cell. This fusion also stimulates the immune system’s cells to become active. This enables an exosomes isolation process that treats several conditions. Those who are suffering from degenerative ailments of the spine may get relief from exosomes treatments.

Exosomes are also known to help heal wounds and promote skin repair. If an individual is suffering from the chronic inflammation of the joints such as osteoarthritis, they may also benefit from exosomes treatments.

It is also very effective for men with sexual dysfunction. Other conditions it treats are bone fractures, loss of cartilage, joint injuries and circulatory dysfunction.

Exosomes treatment Benefits

Exosomes offer several benefits. For instance, there is nearly no risk of allergies and a rejection of the treatment. It stimulates the body’s ability to repair itself. The exosomes treatment helps the immune system to perform better. Those who are prone to infections or have chronic conditions that affect the immune system may benefits from these injections that additionally strengthen the immune system.

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