Cord Blood

Cord Blood

When a baby is born, cord blood stem cells are collected. These cells come from umbilical cord blood and amniotic sac. When mothers deliver their babies, they can choose to donate cord blood along with amniotic tissue. These young cells are omnipotent and can transform into any other cell type that the body requires. The stem and stromal cells feature regeneration and potent growth factors for a wide assortment of chronic and acute health conditions.

The Cord Blood Collection process

The cells are collected from a mother who consents to the donation. They are collected at the time of a C-section surgery or healthy delivery of the baby. The amniotic tissue and umbilical blood are sent to an FDA approved lab where they are tested and inventoried in the cord blood registry, then frozen for future use. At the point when the cells are needed for a patient, their provider refers to the cord blood registry for a match.

Different conditions helped by cord blood injections

Cord blood injections may treat many chronic and acute medical conditions. They are also known to help heal extensive and deep wounds that are caused due to infections and injuries. The omnipotent cells can create a stronger immune system, restoring the ability to generate infection fighting cells. This can be very positive for those who went through radiation or chemotherapy treatments. The cells may also change the functions of the immune system. Those who have an overactive immune systems or an autoimmune disease may see fewer symptoms or possibly no symptoms at all after using these tissue and cell injections.

Other conditions treated by umbilical blood injections and amniotic tissue include bone fractures organ damage, vascular disease, degenerative joint and spine diseases and anemia.

cord Blood injection benefits

There are numerous benefits of amniotic tissue and umbilical blood injections. The cells and tissue are not targeted by the immune system, so they can be given to any patient with almost no danger of side-effects or rejection. The cells may transform into any cell dependent upon where they are infused and what the body needs them to do. They can end up as bone, muscle, cartilage or blood cells. Their young age means that they are healthier and work more efficiently at healing and improving the body.

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